About Us

Movie Agendas is dedicated to reviewing and exposing hidden agendas in movies. Some movie agendas are obvious while others are more subtle. We are here to expose the political and moral agendas that movies and television secretly convey so you can choose the best family movies and safe movies for your kids to watch.

The idea for this site was born from Ben Shapiro, a conservative political commentators book Primetime Propaganda – The True Hollywood Story of How the Left took over your TV where he went undercover and confirmed Hollywood’s hidden agendas with writers and directors themselves. He also wrote a scathing review if the movie Noah (2014) for their anti-Christian, questionable moral values and environmental disaster agendas. We though there should be a directory of these agendas so here we are.

Whether you are looking for common sense media that your children can watch or feel like something was off in that movie you watched but can’t put your finger on it, movie agendas is here to point out Hollywood’s hidden agendas. they may make you laugh, cry or get mad at the screen so beware.

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